Indiana Superintendent Resigns After Being Acquainted for Helping Sick Student

THE SUPERINTENDENT OF A central Indiana school region surrendered on Friday after it was revealed that she fraudulently utilized her medical insurance to obtain a prescription for an understudy.

Casey Smitherman, the administrator of Elwood Community Schools, utilized her health insurance to fill a prescription for a debilitated understudy by claiming the understudy was her son. Smitherman was charged with official misconduct, insurance fraud, insurance application fraud and character deception, according to court records.”

“I have dedicated my whole professional career to youngsters and guaranteeing they have the most ideal chance of progress,” the statement read. “Unfortunately, my ongoing lapse in judgment has conveyed negative attention to the network and myself. I am exceptionally embarrassed for that, and I apologize to the board, the network and the teachers and understudies of Elwood Community Schools.”

Her resignation came amid an educational committee meeting on Friday.

According to WTTV, Smitherman took a 15-year-old understudy who had not come to class because of a sore throat to a walk-in medical center in Elwood on Jan. 9. Upon arriving at the facility, Smitherman marked the understudy in as her son and had a prescription for Amoxicillin filled at CVS under her son’s name.

The understudy “realized it was wrong” to have a prescription in an alternate name and he tore off the label. According to WTTV, authorities got a tip about the occurrence and caught up with the understudy’s guardian on Jan. 16.

Smitherman talked with police a day later and confirmed details of the episode. She told police that she has helped the understudy before by getting him garments and cleaning his home, however did not want to call the Department of Child Services out of fear they would place him in child care.

The insurance claim totaled $233 and a trial is set for in the not so distant future.

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